'Find your money'

As an active users of smartphones and banking services,
we decided to develop an iOS application
that you can use for searching a banking center or ATM.
Sometimes the information of this kind is needed urgently.

Search from
the current location

User can search for the nearest objects in the radius of the current location


Search from
the given points on the map

You can also search in the radius
of the given points on the map.
There is a possibility to switch maps
if you have some other installed

Adding ATMs
and banking centers
to the database

The other feature of the application is that anyone can add
the object to the database in case one could not be found
with an application, but it exists in facts.
The additions are moderated and added to the database weekly

Adapted for

Iphone 5


Nice design

Our designers experimented with different layout styles and color palettes.
The result will satisfy the widest audience

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Share with
your friends!

You can share infromation about the object
with your friends through emails
and the most popular social networks

Official website

We also designed a small classic website
with the most significant information about the ATMQUEST.
The site is not online yet


The use cases

Our very first step was the development of use cases,
logic diagrams and prototypes of the application.
We designed the screens so that it was clear
and obvious for all involved developers


The icon and graphic interface elements

Icon is a very important part of the iOS applpication,
that usually influence the user’s choice.
We designed several icons for ATMQUEST
and chose the most laconic that captures the essence of the product

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